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Live video from Grand Lake Osprey camera

October 25, 2018...…... Hello Everyone. The camera is back and working again. The Ospreys have flown south for the winter, but they will be back in early April 2019. (At least, that's what they told me). Until they return, I will have the camera looking out over the lake near us - where fish are reproducing to replenish next years' stock of fish for the Ospreys. When the Ospreys return in April, I will notify each of you who have registered with me, and I will reposition the camera so that it looks at the nest and the Ospreys. New: You may now listen to audio from the camera by moving your curser over the lower right corner of the picture. Then click on the audio level line and you will be able to turn on and adjust the audio. When the birds return, you will really enjoy hearing many of the different vocalizations from the Ospreys! You may contact me with any comments or questions at: kentlrda at live dot com