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Live video from Grand Lake Osprey camera

Hello Everyone. All three eggs have hatched in the same order and frequency that they were laid, so everything is on track. Dad has been bringing plenty of fish to the nest, so that will help insure the survival and success of the chicks. Do remember….. The first chick to hatch is nearly one week older than the last to hatch, (which is a lot!), so the youngest chick will have to work even harder to keep up and compete with the oldest chick. It normally takes around 56 days (2 months) for the chicks to grow enough so that they can fledge (fly). In the days to come, you will see the chicks grow very quickly. While they are young, the coloring on their wings is camouflaged, which is an aid for their protection from predators. After growing for two months, (September) they will be mature enough to start flying. As of July 27, I have already observed the chicks as they have been exercising their large wings. As always, I sincerely thank all of you for your support. The Ospreys provide all of us with a lot of entertainment, appreciation of nature, and knowledge as they raise their annual families. Please note that I recently upgraded the camera so that you will be able to hear audio from the nest and area around the nest. To turn on the audio, move your cursor to the lower right corner of the picture and then click on the audio lines which appear. Where you click on the audio lines will determine the volume. A number of you have made VERY generous contributions to keep this video stream going, and to maintain the nest and camera. THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you would like to make a contribution, you can do so by mailing your contribution to: Kent Roorda, Grand Lake, CO, USA 80447-1753 You may contact me with any comments or questions, or you may email me at the following address: kentlrda at live dot com