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Live video from Grand Lake Osprey camera

Hello Everyone. A very large, and fast Forest Fire just occurred in my area. It was devastating and destroyed most homes in my area. Fortunately, my home, and the Osprey nest and camera did survive. However, the internet is presently out in my area, which is why you can not see a picture from my camera. I'm not sure when the internet will be restored, but hope that it will be back by November 10th or so. A number of you have made VERY generous contributions to keep this video stream going, and to maintain the nest and camera. THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you would like to make a contribution, you can do so at: Very soon, I will be instalingl a microphone so that you will be able to hear the birds' vocalizations in the future. By the way... An article about my Ospreys and nest was recently published in a distinguished magazine, called 5280 Magazine. The article is very informative and interesting. You can view it at: You may contact me with any comments or questions, or your email address at: kentlrda at live dot com