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Live video from Grand Lake Osprey camera

April 1, 2024 Hello Osprey Watchers. If you have difficulty viewing the picture when you log on to this website, please click on the 'refresh' circle which appears at the top of this screen. ('Refresh' is the small circle with an arrow on it). To listen to Audio from the nest, click on the 'audio bars' which appear in the lower, right corner of the picture. You can also set the volume of the audio as well. .............. The Ospreys left the nest on September 25, and it is just about time for them to return to the nest again. According to my calendar, they have returned to the nest between April 8 and April 15 of each year. We wish them the very best on their journeys back to the nest.. I have now repositioned the camera so that it is looking at the nest. I am not always able to look at the camera, so please let me know if you see 'our Ospreys' in the nest. I will then share it with all the other Osprey watchers. There is much to see and learn! ----- As always, I sincerely thank all of you for your support. The Ospreys provide all of us with a lot of entertainment, appreciation of nature, and knowledge as they raise their annual families. A number of you have made VERY generous contributions to keep this video stream going, and to maintain the nest and camera. THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you would like to make a contribution, you can do so by mailing your contribution to: Kent Roorda, PO Box 1753, Grand Lake, CO, USA 80447-1753. Thank you. You may contact me with any comments or questions, or you may email me at the following address: kentlrda at live dot com

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